Sunday, September 27, 2009

honey , dreaming is for fools .

ohh how i love the gloomy days here in woodbridge virginia .
nothing but rain , facebook , and piging outt watching moviess .

* but i do something different . i spend my whole dayyy looking for kick ass


*love this baggg & jeans .

*hehe , i love daisyy .


On Thursday , September 24 , Jay-z went on Oprah . it was all love . He talked about how Rihanna should be a hero for domestic violence which i applaud him for saying cause we know every female on this earth LOVES Rihanna . They also discussed how they agree to disagree about the use of the term Nigger . Jay says people give words power, and as a culture, we can take that away. Winfrey steadfastly disagreed, saying for her generation, the word is loaded with degradation. They also took a trip to Rocawear to show how far he's come . My favorite part is when he taught her how to rap . i mean what rapper could do that ? I think a lot of mothers had more respect for Jay not only as a rapper but also as a bussiness man .


when i was little i had one dream . and that was to go to Disney World . i told my mom & she said : " honey , dreaming is for fools . if you want something you must have the will - power to get it . " & that was the end of my dreams .

*this picture is fucking adorable !

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

paramour : secret loversss .

Paramore is a Grammy - nominated American rock band . Their previous album Riot! went platinum in the US and glod in the UK . Haley Williams is the lead singer and let me say the girl can BLOW ! [ no pun intended .) Their song Decode for the Twilight soundtack also booted thier popularity , so i garentee if you like twilight your going to LOVE paramore . i fucking love this band soo much . im telling you once you listen to them you cant stop . Thier music will inspire you in every way imaginable . They have like this pessimistic edge that just calls my soul .

here are a few of my favorite songs :
  • my heart . [ my favorite song by them ! )
  • when it rains .
  •  conspiracy .
  • thats what you get .
  • fences .
  •  here we go again .
  • misery business .
they also have a new song called Ignorance from there their new album Brand New Eyes , hits stores september 29 , 2009 .


you know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you look at the person who you want to spend the rest of your life with ? or when you share a moment so beautiful , then look into their eyes . i dont think it's called butterfliess . . . i think it's your heart . sinking . like an anchor , saying enough sailing the sea of loove . i've found where i need to be & im staying . and even if i get the same feeling when i look into the eyes of my boyfriend , doesn't mean we can't be together . something like a paramour .

Friday, September 18, 2009

a new beginning .

im sitting here thinking about how to start this mothefcuker off . hmmm , why dont i start with the most talked about person in the world right now and his sexxyyy muse ?

kanye west and amber rose . amber rose is a big fashion icon right now because of her daring yet sexy style . she really wanted to turn heads with this skin tight snake skin one piece . even though E! news gave her a fashion fail , im giving her a fashion NOD ! and kanye is usually on his shit , but tonight i guess he was just chillin in his jeans and boots , its not like him to dress so casual to an award show but ayyee ; its kanye i guess he can do whatever her wants . as on to what happened that night knaye acted like a complete DOUCHE BAG , but thats him . we need to accpet him for his big “ego” . his opinion is his opinion . but he didnt have to go on stage and embarris her like that . i mean c’mon . she loves fairy tales . i do commend beyonce for giving taylor her moment but something tells me she just did it for some good publicity . hmmm , i dont know , thats just what im thinking . all i know is kanye is getting a lot of hate right now . ehh , what can i sayyy : blame it on the henny ?

* give me some feedback on what you guys think of kanye and if beyonce was being a good " role model " .


[ this is where i decided i wanted to show a little bit of my creative writing talent . you'll find them after each of my postings . )


i loved the talk we had last night . i wish all the talks we endured were like that . for you to posses the ablilty to make me feel like life was going to be alright … well you must be a god . and me ? i lonley peasent looking for love . we sat under the stars and talked about dreams and reality . i felt like i was in a dream . dreaming for you to be my reality . baby please dont let this be the last of uss . after all , this is a new beginning .