Wednesday, October 28, 2009

double dose of exstacy .

yeaaah so this bxtch is finally 18 . & it feels ohhh sooo goooddd . & in the spirit of birthdays . i got my lowerback / ass peirced . and yess it fucking hurt like hell !

just pay attention to the ass & dont mind the face . my make-up consisted of hangover , dry skin & dark circles . but i love my peircings and hopefully i can knock some pounds before swimsuit time so i can make the boys say : BURRR !

im not really the one to celebrate birthdays . over the years they really didnt mean shxt to me , but i did end it off on a good , uhm , hangover . went down to good 'ol VCU located in richmond, virginia . for those who dont know .

sorry , but when im fucked up . so is my vision . i kind of like em blurry though . the two up top i just thought were pretty dope . i mean , where the hell can you find ciggs like that ? only in richmond . & the girl ? she's only the coolest chick you'll ever lay your eyes on . she's my sister in the soul and together we get lost in the movement . make sure you check her shxtt outt . its too dope to say no .


all my birthday wishes came with " dont get too fucked up " or " now you can do what you do legally ! " and i just thought it was the funniest fucking thing . so this one is for my BAD BXTCHES [ literally . ) that i admire .

first trashy bxtch upp :

constantly fucked up & confused : lindsey lohan .

* haha ! fuckeddd uppp !

suicidal drugie : misha barton .



*lmfao !

*wtf , how old was she like 15 ?!

classy stripper : amber rose .


stupid skinny slut : paris hilton .

big bold tease : kelis .


underaged mess : taylor momsen .

disney good girl gone slut : miley cyrus .

" all these bxtches are jealous cause i got nick jonas on my dick ! "

anorexic alcoholic : amy winehouse .

coke diet supermodel : kate moss .

* she's a fucking model . duh your gonna see some boobage . get over it .

i know what you guys are thinking . WHERE THE FUCK IS NICKI MINAJ ?! well , im sorry to say but she is not literally a bad bxtch to me . i mean , if you constantly have to tell people your badd . then i feel like its more of a convincing thing to me . show me that your bad . wearing skimpy ass clothes and "saying" all the nasty things you do with dudes doesnt prove that your a bad bxtch to me . i still fuck with her veryyyy hard dont get me wrong . but that's my opinion . you can either love it or hate it but you will respect it . hehe !

i wish i a hand a giant hand . a giant hand to grab earth and stop it from spinning . i cant deal with time . time wants to fucking get rid of me & i swear if time had a hitlist i'd be number one . choice of weapon : gravity . everything i do & everything i say feels so heavy on my heart . and just like john mayer gravity . is working against me . and gravity . wants to bring me down . whats the point of being happy ? what's the point of getting high ? dont you know ? what comes up must come down & the higher you are , ther greater impact the fall will be & i just near killed myself . you would think that turning eighteen would be the greatest time of your life . but its not . well for me anyway . i feel like i've been slapped in the voice by responsibility and when i looked up it slapped me again . & the person who i thought would be the happiest person for me . made me feel like if i hung myself now , it would feel like a double dose of extacy .