Tuesday, January 26, 2010

oh my , its going to be a long night .

im pretty content right now . nothing major is going on in my life .
but i keep catching myself thinking about someone i SHOULD NOT BE thinking about . at all . what so ever . l0l ! but thats life . sometimes the wrong people look right & the right people dont even look your way . what can you do ? & im soooo excited for the days coming up . me & a certain someone will be having a " reunion session " & im alll smiles man . & he knows it too ;] buttttt i'll have the scoop on that when the time comess .
* oh & if you havent noticed the music in the background . well NOTICE IT ! i basically picked songs that help me get through tough shitt . soothing songs . songs that make me happy . i'll put some party songs on laterrrr . & i'll try & update it as much as possible . if you go look there's a lot of Adele & Amy Winehouse . they are seriously my two favorite artist . & then my favorite songs from paramore , fall out boy , the script , & kings of leon . just pick & choose & enjoy .

* some of the songs are live . i listen to live songs because i like to feel like im there :]


Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth .
well yall know i love her . i dont really know too much about him , but i think their cute together . i cant wait till thier movie The Last Song comes out . i think its going to be reaally good .

Luke Worrall & Kelly Osbourn .
absolutely LOVE them . he's a model & she's just . . . bad ass . well she did tone down from getting fucked up all the time , but her style is still bad & i love her doll like rocker style . & he is onee good looking man . he's friends with ashley stymest & josh beech too . kelly is one lucky bitch . & their engaged too . how lovely .

luke & sharron osbourn .
this just might be the cutest thing i've ever seen .


Kanye West & Amber Rose at the Givenchy show during Paris Fashion week .

& at the Chanel Haute-Couture show .
i dont like this . i would never wear this . all i know is that it's Chanel & even though its fucking hideous . she looks good . real good .

& here they are at the YSL fashion show .

close up of Kanye's shoes .
these . are . fucking . amazing . i want these BADLEY .
& he killed the whole word with this onee .

& this bitch is basically naked . but you cant knock her .
she might as well just walk around naked .
& she would still win the best dressed award .

here's them with Chris Brown .
where he came from ? i dont know .
i didnt even know he went to fashion shows .
he just doesn't belong to me .
& look at this oneeee .

that's josh beech !
ugh .
go home chris brown . . .
just go home .

i swear i can get enough of these two <3


last night i watched Up in the Air . it was a good movie . more for older people though . he reminded me of myself i guess . traveling around . never settling down . & for those who have seen the movie UP , this is who they got the idea for the little boy . haha ! i think he is sooo adorable . i laughed for like five minutes when i saw this . & this was a GREAT movie . if you havent seen it . well you're missing outt . i laughed , i cried , & i thought about old age .
my favorite line from the movie :
" but its a talking dog ! "

lindsay lohan is such a fucking teasee .

*if your from the DMV .
this pose should be quite familar .



Jay - z : On to the Next

yeah yeah yeah jay z worships the devil . but this video is siiiiicccccck . in a good way . l0l ! & i dont even like this song that much . but this video intrigeuds mee . & i know some of you are confused with some of the dark images & shit . so here are some stills from the music video with the meanings .
WARNING : they might be a little scary . & just because im posting this does NOT mean i worship the devil . all im doing is informing the people .

im pretty sure this is self-explanatory .

this too .

a few might not know what this is . this is Baphomet . the horned idol reportedly worshiped by the Knight Templars and later used by the Church of Satan.


Paramore : Brick by Boring Brick

when i first listened to their new cd , i played the fucking shit outta this song .
i love it . it reminds me of all the stupid girls who fall in love & act like thier in a fairytale . i love the concept of this video too . when she falls into the grave . & then she throws the teddy bear in with her . classic paramore .

" well you built up a world of magic . because your real life is tragic . "

Haley Williams .
she changes her hair like she changes clothes . i fucking love this girl . she's just like one of the boys . & she's a great performer . i meaan , look at that shit . who else can do that ?! paramore's my favorite band . & they're the best band . period .


Kid Cudi : cudderisback

Cudder and crew shot “ a little documentary ” during a recent tour stop in Boston , and set it to the tune of the Moon Man’s latest joint . i fucking LOVEEEE this . he's sooo cute & goofy . the end is my favoritee . gahh i love this mann .

soo supposedly i dont know anything about " high fashion " .
but the last time i checked . this section is about style .
stupid bitch doesnt even know the difference .
& this is for whoever wrote that on my formspring :
get inspired bitch :]

you want forgiveness ? find a religion bitch .

in the middle of choas , i always stay calm . i simply open my mouth & drop atom bombs.

those who critize our generation . forgot who raised it .

i like to tell people they cant . just to see if the would do it . & 90 percent of the time . they dont .

drink up honey , it might help you grow some .

*saw that skirt in H&M . should have bought it :|

they will only hurt you if you let them .

your body is an orphanage & you take everyone in .

if misery like company then you should throw a party .

my mouth is a pistol baby . dont make me pull the trigger . my vocab is deadly .

its either your beside me . or behind me .

aint no excuses in life . not even with a doctors note .

fuck regrets . do drugs .

when life gives you lemons . you re - up & sell them bitches .

sweetheart in 15 minutes . everyone will be famous .


no photography today . im getting better shit for next the post cause i feel like im posting stupid shitttt .

& i decided to have a songs of the day that you can find in my music player . ill post in the begining so you guys can listen & read at the same time . but anyway . today's song is -

Ayna Marina : Whatever you like ( T.I cover )

i fucking BET you we replay this songg .


the pretty looking hoes get the most attention .
& she's slowly fading into the darkness .
finding the courage to talk to him is like finding a needle in a haystack .
so she sits back & watches the world pass her by .
shy people notice everything .
but they dont get noticed .
but he notices her friend .
you know . the one with the short skirt .
& while thier making out in the corner of the party .
she's taking more shots to forget about it .
" fuck this . . . " she mutters under her breath .
& takes the whole bottle of vodka into the bathroom .
she sits in the bathtub . & quietly sobs .
oh my , its going to be a long night .

Monday, January 25, 2010


how often do you reside in cloud9? ;]

almost everyday .

U should lose a couple of pounds and I seen the way u dress u have your blog and u make it seem like u kno about fashion when u really dnt u can't even fit have of the nice high fashion things so I think u should just pick a new hobby sweetheart

thanks for reading my blog ! & you WISH you had an ass like mineee ;] & you're right . i dont know too much about fashion , but i know about stlye . & if your lame ass was hipp you would know the fucking difference between style & high fashion . high fashion is like dior & versace . & i GARANTEE that you have NONE of it . and before you TRY & lean on me learn how to spell . " have " when you mean "half" ? smh . yall bxtches amuse the shit outta mee . how about you stop sucking mee & pick a new hobby . sweethearttttt <3

ask me anything . & i mean ANYTHING

Friday, January 22, 2010

emancipate yourselves from mental slavery .

*[ DEEP SIGH ) . . .
i dont even know where to begin . like . things have been sooooo hetic with me , im suprised im fucking alive right now . i really dont want to go into too much detail about it because im trying to put the past behind me , but lets just say :
" they tried to make me go to rehaaaabbb & i said noo , noo , noo ! "
 ive never felt sooo betrayed & hurt in such a long timee . right when i thought i was finally coming together they broke me again into a thousand piecess .  i've been broken soo many times . & its fucking amazing that i somehow find a way to slowly put myself together . piece by piece .

*& have you ever noticed that when you cry for something unimportant , the cry doesnt last very long ? but when you are truely hurt . it seems like you've been crying for hours ? to the point where its taking your energy to cry ? to the point where you honestly think your tear supply has run outt ? well let me be the first to say that crying does NOT mean that your weak . since birth , it has always been a sign that you're alive . so when you dont cry . that's when you should fucking question yourselfff .

this post is dedicated to the way ive been feeling for the past couple of days .

WARNING : the content writen might be to dark for the human soul to baree .


sexy ass Joe Jonas was CAUGHT leaving Hillary Duff's El Lay compound on wednesday afternoon . virgin my ass . he is too beautiful to be a virgin . i mean look at him ! & his face looks sooo guilty . l0l

Lindsay Lohan at the Warner Brothers And InStyle Golden Globe After-Party . daaamn she looks amazing :]

you wanna know the oneeee fucking thing that pisses me off ? okay , so when someone comes up to you , or vise-versa . & they ask you : hey, how are you ? when CLEARLY your eyes are black , your mouth is dry . you look like you've just returned home from war . & you reply back : fine . . .
& then that person says : okay , thats good .
we are not fine . we are never finee . like seriously . how many times do you say you're fine when your not ?! why do we continue to lie on a daily basis . sooo the next time someone asks mee how the fuck im doing . i will simply reply :
how the fuck does it look like im doing ?!
& walk away .


*PETA aint gonna like this . . .
reports say that Kanye West had been banned from appearing on the Hope for Haiti telethon premiring Friday at 8 . & although it would make some sense not to invite him , turns out Kanye was invited ! a rep for MTV is claiming the rumors of not inviting Kanye are false . Instead stating :
 " That's absolutely not true. We DID reach out to Kanye. However, Kanye has yet to respond."
smfh . typical kanye .

BUT pleaseee tune in for the telethon . i hear it supposed to be really good & all the proceeds are going to haiti . damn . i wish i would could help . . .
but here's who's going to be performing for the telethon .

*performing in New York City :
Wyclef Jean .
 Bruce Springsteen .
 Jennifer Hudson  .
 Mary J. Blige.
 Shakira .
 Sting .
& Madonna .

*performing in L.A :
 Alicia Keys .
 Christina Aguilera .
 Dave Matthews .
John Legend .
Justin Timberlake .
 Stevie Wonder .
Taylor Swift .
& a group performance by Keith Urban . Kid Rock . Sheryl Crow
& Coldplay

*performing in London :
a group performance by Bono . The Edge . Jay-Z . & Rihanna .
& Beyonce will be performing too

*sheeeeeesh . what a line up ! im going to be jumping channels with this oneee .


get inspired .

i dont think you know what it's like . to be on the edge of your bed , head burried in your hands . just wishing it all would end .

some people are just born with tragedy in thier blood .

i know life is unfair & shit . but this is fucking rediculouss .

i wonder how life would be if i lived without feelings .

you can cry all you want but your tears wont end this war .

im content with my sadness .

im a black cloud . sending lightning to the ground .

you're one step closer to hitting rock bottom .

expect nothing . blame no one . do smething .

i feel safe in the darkness . it cradles mee .

i built up a world of magic . because my real life is tragic .

try hard & die harder .

if home is where the heart is then we're all just fucked .

dont tell me you've never had this feeling . cause we've all been here before .

real love is composed of ectasy & agony .

photography .


ending this off with Rihanna's performance on Oprah .
she sang Redemption song , orginally by Bob Marley .
i fucking lovee this song right here .
i grew listening to music like this soo it really touches me .
she said she uses this song to get through struggles in her life .
& so do i .

*ehh , i really dont think she should have fucked with a Marley classic . but it doesn't sound THAT bad . still love her :]

sing along if you likeee :

Old pirates, yes, they rob I;

Sold I to the merchant ships,

Minutes after they took I

From the bottomless pit.

But my hand was made strong

By the hand of the Almighty.

We forward in this generation


Won't you help to sing

This songs of freedom

'Cause all I ever have:

Redemption songs;

Redemption songs.

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;

None but ourselves can free our minds.

Have no fear for atomic energy,

'Cause none of them can stop the time.

How long shall they kill our prophets,

While we stand aside and look? Ooh!

Some say it's just a part of it:

We've got to fullfil the book.

Won't you have to sing

This songs of freedom? -

'Cause all I ever had:

Redemption songs -

All I ever had:

Redemption songs:

These songs of freedom,

Songs of freedom.