Wednesday, March 3, 2010

run around . panic . & shit youself .

sooooo fucking sorry that i haven't blogged in forever !
my computer internet has been down & it sucks big time .
& im sooo fucking mad that i wasnt able to do the Black History Month post . i actually wanted to scan some pictures of my parents & family to show you guys how fashionable they were & guesssss the fuck what ?!? MY SCANNER'S BROKEN TOO !
taaaaalk about pissed . . .

* but as soooon as i get my internet fixed i promise im gonna be back on my grind .
& dont worry lovess , im still gonna do the post .
soo please sit tight . you wont be disappointed .

thankssss dolls <3


right now things are going amazingly well .
& i have a new loove in my life .
her name is Fancy & she's my newww kitten .
every great writer needs a cat right ?
whateverrrrr . l0l ! we got her yesterday & she's 6 months old . shes sooooo cute , but she's scared of everything ! she hides under our dining room table . but she's beginning to warm up to meee . she even purred when i was petting her . hopefully we get to keep her . my mom fucking HATES cats & my sister & brother are scared of her more than she's scared of them . me & my dad are the other ones who want to keep her . & plusss ive been sneezing since she came & i hope my mom doesnt notice . she's a nurse so she thinks she knows everything when it comes to health caree . haha !

& dont forget to check out the new music on the sideeee !

im not going to leaave you guys empty handed though .
i know some of you have been needing some inspiration .


clumsyy me . i've fallen for you .

sometimes when you shoot for the stars you just get lost in space .

she's not broken , she's just a baby .

miracles happen even in the darkest of places .

one who laughs the most learns the besst .

money turns heroes into hoes .

fuck me gently with a chainsaw why dont you ?

little girls cry . big girls say " fuck ! "

im sick of all this non-existant bullshit my mind makes up .

keep your guard up & your game quiet .

fuck bitches . get money . smoke trees .

im a man . im not looking a beautiful soul . im looking for a quick fix .

chaos is what killed the dinosaurs .

which is worse ? living as monster , or dieing a good man ?



feeling different today .


im liltunechi . & just like this blog . im not going no where .


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