Friday, April 9, 2010

this time it's going to be different .

i dont even know where to begin .
things have been up , down , & all around .
 yet im sooo happy . i find my self smiling more & more everyday .
& i now this sounds corney as fuck , but i feel so intune with my soul .
ive been reading , writing , researching , & exploring new everything .
but dont get shit twisted . im still me . & i still like my shit BLACK .
but . . . i think its time i switched the style up . again . lol

& i know ive said i'd open up more about my personal life & havent really .
sooo this time around shit is about to get personal . reaaal fucking personal .

sooo lets get caught up shall we ?


song of the day :

Leave by VV Brown

i feel like if i was to make a up beat song . i would have done exactly this . she's a new artist on the rise . pleaseee check out more of her music .

" now you're alone in the dark with a bruised broken heart . "


soooo lately ive been working . alot . in fact too much . i feel like im always there .
but once im there i dont think about anything else but the money . i just feel like i can i freee my mind there .
its funny because i used to just sit at home & not do shit . & now im constantly running back & forth . i love it though . & not to mention the fucking weather . like where the fuckkkk did spring go ? but i cant complain . going outside just puts a smile on my face . go take a walk or read a book or a magzine outside . im telling you'll love it . other than work , ive been doing the usual . the three S's :

shopping , swearing , & smoking .

haha ! & thats what i'll be doing all summer long . i also going back to school next month . im only taking fitness & wellnes because i want to spend most of my summer working & taking trips with me friends . this summer is going to be sooo epic . every summer has a story & im not looking for a fairytale . im looking for a new york times best seller .

* but thats enough about me . TRUST ME , ill tell you guys a lot more within these up coming post .


Katy Perry & Rihanna on the red carpet at Kids Choice Awards .
-Katy looks amazing , & that big wig she wore was sooo her , i loved it . Rihanna on the other looks like a grandma . likei know its the KCA but we allll know you would never where that anywhere else . & her performance was soo suckish . why the hell would she pick rudeboy of all songs ? i know all the little kids were like " moooommmmyyy . whats a rudeeeboyyy ?!? "

Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas . how motherfucking cutee ! when i found out they were dating i almost died . i love demi & i love joe & them together is HOT SEX . which i know they're having . i meaan wtf . all the do is PDA . they were spotted shopping & spending the day chillin in the park . i think they make a great couple . i hope they last .

Pharrell Williams looking sexyyy , his birthday just recently passed on april 5th . he turned 37 . fucking wow right ?! i know . i had no idea he was soo old . he looks good though . for a old coot . loving his outfit though . those are chanel glasses by the way . he's got style for daysss .

Beyonce & Jay Z in the white house . what they're doing there i have noooo fucking clue . & i wonder what they're talking about . probably some illuminati shit . & why the fuck is Jay Z at the head of the table like he's the president ?! hmmm . i gotta do some research on this , i really want to know what they're doing there . updates sooooon .


look at my lovely momma monsterr . this picture was banned in the U.S by the way .
she's also going on tour , ill have the official tour dates up soon . talk of the town is that ticktets are selling for 178 & up . sheeeeeeessssshhh ! i really want to see her though . who knows .

RiRi on american idol . looking amazing always . & i guess this time she wasn't missing a black guitar .
she is also going to be going on tour . its called " The Last Girl On Earth " & joining her will be Ke$ha & Nicki Minaj . wierd combo but i can dig it . ill have her official tour dates soon as well . & since we're on the subject of RiRi here's what she had to say about "close" friend Matt Kemp :

“He’s my boyfriend. … It’s new and it’s fun and it’s nothing too serious. I don’t want anything nuts that’s gonna take up so much of my energy and time in a bad way.”


you cocked your head to the side & smiled didnt you ?

justtttt checking . . .



Nick Jonas for VMan magazine .
three different SEXY covers .
need i say more ?

selena & him broke up by the way . oh well , shit happens .
i dont really like selena anyway . sooo uhm . moving on ?

Ali Lohan . dont know who's she's posing for . but heyyy , lohan's spazzing out so someones gotta bring the bread home .


how long has it been since you've been inspired ?
here's a double dose . can you handle it ? 


if i cant keep you then i give up .

how can i listen to my mind without breaking my heart ?

bottled up inside are the words i never said & the feelings that were never read .

i dont like what i becoming .

love is the ultimate performance .

do you want to sit here & die ? tell me , cause i will sit here & die with you .

my word is my pride .

you're soo beautiful that it would torment an angel to insanity .

baby i aint addicted . im committed .

your deception & lies will cost you dearly .

he's too in love with himself to be in love with anyone else .

i want to see your sould through the holes in your face .

is there still a world outside my windowsill ?

i dont care if you call me crazy , ive been called worse .

we're a pair . a perfect match . we're just ment to be .

you're too comfortable in your memories .

all my life ive been a fool .

we must do extraordinary things . we have to . it would be absurd not to .

you gave strength when i couldnt give it to myself .

you cant kill a man with soul .

big boys dont cry but they sure do fall .

bitch you a hoe . thats why i dont call you no more .

you left me with no love . & no love to my name .

he's something like a rolling stone .

i swear if they turned the lights down in this place you'd shine like star .

lovely ran through her veins & she always wondered why .

i feel like im on my knees . & you're just laughing at me .




we never trust that feeling we have when something bad is about to happen . & then when it does happen we act sooo surprised . why ? we knew it was coming . & yet we continue to ignore the things that are only there to help us . so the next time he tells you , " baby , this time it's going to be different . " listen to that feeling . & if that feeling tells you he's going to leave your heart in a puddle on the floor . take two steps back . so you can get a good look at the mother fucker . & let your soul do the talking . it might be hard . but its the right thing to do . sometimes the hardest thing & the right thing are equally the same .


kept this short because im working on sooo many different things . ive got to get myself caught up .
& thanks for reading guys ! i love all of you :]

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  1. you think that 31 is old for Pharrell what r u going to think when research tell u hes 37 ..or was that a typo