Thursday, April 15, 2010

you're as dead as disco hunny .


pessimistic mitch is no longer with us . soooo please change your bookmarks . i told myself i wasnt going to to change it untill i felt i was ready & content with my life & i finally feel that i am . im loving EVERYTHING thats going on right now . & i know what you're thinking . " she must have found a boy that she really likes " & thats not even the case . im just . . . happy . & i dont need a boy to do that to me :]
a couple of days ago i got some news & i was in fucking shock . & it made me really think . if it can happen to someone close to you then it can def. happen to you . & i know that person might think i dont care . or im not being supportive enough . & thats not true . i just dont know how to deal . & i feel like anything i say would be negative & not help at all . so i just dont say anything . i wish i wasnt like that . hoepfully i can work up the courage & be there for my friend .

*alsooo check out the new playlist . these are the songs that have been on reapeat for the past couple of days . my friend put me on to this band called Florance & the Machine & they are soooo sick . i love them . i listen to " Howl " at least 50 times a day .
& dont even get me started on Erykah Badu's  " Window Seat " .

song of the day :

Airplanes by B.o.B feat. Haley Williams .

" can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky like shooting stars . "


- Rihanna at the dodgers game showing her new BF some support & she looks sooo fucking cute in that dodgers hoodie .

- momma monster Lady Gaga looking . uhm . as she always does . i love the cotten candy hair .
dont know where she's going or coming from . & judging by her ourfit she might just be going to the grocery store .
- Russell Brand & Katy Perry smooching in NYC . they're sooo fucking cute together . i cant wait till they get married & have kids . they would be the coolest fucking parents ever .

-Amber Rose taking a stroll . her style is sooo fucking dope dude . i love it . if you were to see her walking down the street you would just know it was her . no second guessing or anything & she makes Dr. Martins look soo sexy .


-Zoe Saldana on the cover of Nylon this month . let me just say she is nothing like how i thought she was . she swears like sailor so you know she's on my teaaam . she talked about how she grew up & went to a performing arts school . & i loath people who go to a PAS because i wish i was one of those talented ass kids . go get this months issue & read her article . you'll love it im telling you .


-Trey Songz outtakes for VIBE magazine .
i'll just let these pictures speak for itself . . .


-Rihanna & her band along with Travis Barker on the set of " Rockstar l0l " . which i found a bit odd because the song is featuring Slash , not Travis . but whooo knows . we all know RiRi is full of surprises . i cant wait for this video to drop . its def. one of my favorite songs on the album .



-Heidi Montag . ive wanted to talk about this for a while now . & i must say i feel soooo sorry for her . she was sooo beautiful . ive always thought she was . but why ? why would she go as far as this . this is the perfect example of when you let your insecurities get the best of you . she doesnt even look like a real person & her face looks ten years older than what she actually is . i just hope Spencer didnt pressure her to do this . but i mean . . . you gotta do what makes you happy . & if she is truely happy then i support her . but i dont think she is happy . & she'll never be happy if she continues to keep fucking up her face & body . i wish i could just tell her what my mom always tells me :
" you must find beauty in yourself so others can see your beauty as well . "
i want you guys to ask yourself these questions & really think about them :
  • how much will you commit yourself to your flaws ?
  • what are your flaws ?
  • & are they really flaws ?


-its sweeping the nation . its the definition of cool . & its one of the sexiest things you'll see a boy ever do .

 Theotis Beasley
Sponsors : Baker , Nike SB , Altamont , Thunder , Spitfire , Active , Diamond Hardware , Flik Griptape , Ashbury, Mountain Dew , Elm Hats , Bones Swiss , Kicker, Dakine , Skull Candy , Markisa
Hometown : Hawthorne , CA
Stance : Goofy 
Status : Amature
Age : 19



Sponsors: Girl , Lakai , Matix , Royal , Fillmore , Diamond , Swiss , IG Boardshop , MOB
 Hometown : Simi Valley , CA
Stance : Regular
Status : Pro
Age : 19


-i wish i could tell you where this was . but i just found it , its sooo fucking cool .

-Selena Gomez is a skater too . so girls dont be shy to hop up on the board .

-me & friend Durrell .

- my friend Maurice :]


-so i watched Glee for the first time last night & i love it . me & my mom were singning to all the songs . not to mention its funny as shit . tune into Glee right after American Idol on Tuesdays at 9 : 30 on ABC .


Drake - Over
-its a good song . the only part i really like is " i know way too many people here right now that i didnt know last year . who the fuck are yall " .  i think a lot of people ca really relate to that . as for the video its okay . nothing special . but then again its not really a special kind of song so i wasnt expecting anything too major . i will say that all of his songs are kind of starting to sound the same . they're really good . but thats it . its just a good song . there's nothing special about it .

Nicki Minaj feat. Sean Garrent - Massive Attack
-WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?! omfg . she pissed me off with this one . i cant even sing along because i dont know what the fuck she is saying . in this video i saw : lady gaga , beyonce , gwen stefani , & eve . & when i say eve i mean eve from adam & eve when her ass was in the fucking jungle . the best part was the Amber Rose cameo . she's so quick to call everyone a hater , just because people dont like what you do doesn't mean that they're a hater . & how do you call yourself a BARBIE when you wear green wigs & body suits ? she's so animated . she's a fucking cartoon . no better yet . she's a clown . she's a physcotic fucking clown .


don't be shy .
 fashions got a lazy eye .


my name is alice , but i live in no wonderland .

you are a wonderful creation .

sometimes love isn't enough .

there is no escaping the inevitable .


before every moment . is a moment .

conscience is the voice that yells so loudly the morning after .

other people . will always let you down .

you're as dead as disco hunny .

if you ever think you're unable to feel . uncover your heart .

i dragged you out of hell . i can drag you back in .

i hop in my spaceship & leave earth motherfucker .

choke on my dick & my soul .

i question myself again . what is it about men ?

we all turn into the things we pretend to be .



looking for more kick ass photography ?! check mee outtt :

doll - like darkness .

im Michelle Tanner & i approve this blog post .

" you got it duuuuude "

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